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About the Product

What are these product made of ?

The products are predominantly made of Bach flower remedies. Sometimes we also use our own remedies as part of a combination. We do use very few herbal plant extracts to enhance the results. These remedies are made in liquid form, and they are added to empty globules in specific proportions and thus make them easy to carry and consume. Each product has been researched with few hundreds of people, received enough feedbacks and thus derived. When we have observed 80 – 100% results only, these are brought as packs for anyone to buy according to their needs. 

How to choose the product and how often to take them?

  • In most of the packs, the name of the pack itself tells you what the purpose of that pack is.  So you can place the order of that, online. 
  • When more than one items from same or different categories are needed, please think and write on a paper, to be clear which tops your list of priority. Or ask this question to get clarity “what has to happen for me to feel happy NOW?” The answer will guide you to choose any top two first. 
  • If you are to buy more than one product, they can be taken with an interval of 10 minutes approximately between the two. 
  • We have suggested minimum period of consumption for almost all products, based on our research, observations and study for over 2 decades of time. Please take that period mentioned to see the best of results in your life.