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The founding force
Uma Venkatachalam is the founder of Life blossom. She has been treating and healing people with alternate medical science since mid 90s. She is a qualified Yoga teacher and Yoga therapist from Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram and an Acupuncturist from Dr. Fazlur Rehman school of Acupuncture. Apart from these she also uses Mudras, Chakras and Bach flower remedy in her treatment. Her knowledge and experience on the concepts from scriptures, the manifestation of Five elements, Trigunas and Tridoshas are beneficial to diagnose and help people both in their health and mind behavior . In mid 90s she started giving flower remedies to her families and friends. There are two milestones that happened in her journey with Flower remedies. One, when shortly after she started giving flower remedy to her family and friends, she had the opportunity to work on a non-profit basis through camps and workshop with around 840 socio-economically challenged group. Through this, she treated several issues such as alcoholics and addiction problems, unemployment due to men being irresponsible, ladies in physical pain, students not studying. Working with such diverse problems and providing them solution through different combination of flower remedy enabled her to derive at the right combination for day to day issues. Secondly, her visit to the origin of Bach flower remedies, Mount Vernon , England made her observe the subtle
energy of flowers manifesting to heal people’s lives.

About Life Blossom’s natural remedies
Uma Venkatachalam , considers it a blessing from the Divine, that helps her understand the issues of life and provide the key method of approach to gain back peace and happiness. Her years of intense work in this healing field, has made her understand life better and how flower remedy can contribute to that, has helped her to categorize life needs into four. We want to share here, how she derived at those categories, so that you can choose the flower remedy for your need. As human beings, we have physical, mental, emotional faculties to help us in our lives. These are interlinked and they can have their impact on one another very quickly and subtly. Our life is made up of two energies.  One is unknown, hidden, subtle – the spiritual energy and the other is the obvious, visible, active the – materialistic energy. Happiness is the dominant goal in materialistic life. Peace is the effect of spiritual life. The peace and harmony in our life is a reflection of the balance between the two energies. The materialistic energy, according to Uma Venkatachalam, can be divided further into three major categories that can impact our lives – Health, Wealth and Relationship. That’s how she derived at the three categories. However, we also have certain emotional
imbalance in an individual that can affect not only the individual’s life but also their entire family. Example,
anger filled person- when his anger can ruin his life and also spoil the peace of the loved ones living with him. Thus came the 4th category – flower remedy for dealing with “Emotions”. Now that you understand, you can make the choose the remedy you need with clarity, from the categories –
Health, Wealth, Relationship and Emotions.