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Dear All,
I m very happy to share my flower remedy experience here.
  We booked a house in 2010.whenever the builder demanded we paid all the instalments from time to time .we paid almost 90% of the total amount.( Twenty four lakhs). Construction work on the site was  going without any disturbances.So,we thought we might get the possession of the house as per schedule.we use to visit the site whenever our time permitted.
when we visited in 2018 work got slow down.we came to know the reason behind it was because of shortage of labourers.Afterthat, because of 1st wave of  corona and other problems we were unable to visit the site. After the cases came down in jan.lastyear we visited the site to know about the current stage of the construction.when we went , big shock was waiting there for us.There was a big noticeboard showing that the builders have declared INSOLVENCY and no one is allowed to enter the site. We came back home after seeing the Board. At that time, I was attending UV mam’s WISDOM TO HAPPINESS workshop. Because of mam’s teaching, I was able to manage myself and thought that it’s our karma and i was normal as if nothing has happened.For a middle-class family 24 lakhs is not a small amount.After enquiries about the builders, we lost all the hopes of getting back our money.
At that timeMam, suggested about flower remedy to get back the money  what we have paid through any way.
Then i took the flower remedy for getting back the money as suggested by mam.Within a short period of time we got the message that the government has stepped into this matter and it will be solved very soon. Now, a financial services company took over the whole project under their control and the construction work restarted .They said that they will give the possession very soon.After a longtime yesterday we visited the site to check about the reality of the messages what we have received till now.Yes, it was true that they have started the construction and now we are sure that our money is safe and we have not lost it.
Flower remedy is a miracle..
  Thankyou so much UV mam for the miraculous flower remedy given by you.
Thanks all
With lots of love

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