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Radha Gopal


Very happy share a recent miracle brought about by flower remedy in my friend’s family.

In that family there are four daugters and one son, the youngest being 50 yrs old. Only one daugter was married, which ended in a divorce within a few years of marriage. She has a daughter who became deaf and dumb at a very young age, following some illness. The daughter is now 30+. The whole family revolves around that girl..they all literally live for her. They have been trying to find a suitable alliance for that girl but without success. Some months ago I told them about f.r and they have been taking it for more than six months now. Right from day one, they have felt the positive effect . In fact, everyone in the family is taking it , to facilitate the acceptance of a suitable alliance by all  family members. ( Earlier there used to be differences of opinion among them in such instances).

To cut the long story short, her wedding is fixed to happen in a month’s time. They recently got a good proposal recommended by a known source. The boy is also deaf and dumb but a graduate and employed. The family is good and quite well off. All in the family have unanimously agreed for the proposal.

One should see the family to believe how joyous they are! They feel as though it’s a  dream.

Being a witness to such miracles of f.r., including many from our Thapas family, I am not able to resist recommending it to ppl who might benefit from it .

Thanks to the Divine and Ma’am, thru whom the Divine is acting .


Love and gratitude