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Here I wish to share my son’s improvement from Flower remedy.He had attention deficiency. He never responded when we call him. He had speech delay. He said only Amma, abc, 1-10. I have been criticised by many of my close relatives – paaka normal ah dhan irukkaan enna paavam panniyo ipdi pechu varla . Epdi thaan ipdi oru kulandhaya vachundu kaal ah irukiyonnu will start listing out some temples n parihaaram .even in top most jewellery/malls/shops, the employees around there pamper my son n advice me to take to a psychologist or speech therapy….  Yes had so much of tears, sleepless nights.But it was honestly enna punyamo mam kannula pattaan now he has remarkable changes.Adheedha raagam made me blind. Have lamented to mam that other kids are so attentive and respond promptly mam but he can’t even understand what they are saying .. Mam said firmly – stop comparing ur child with other and don’t expect that inniku medicine eduthu naalaiku sari aaganumnu. I stopped it immediately and started watching him from that day.He is now answering when we call him. He has eye contact with people. He asks if the person is not in home and searching them. He tries to play with his age old kids. Says thankyou to the cab drivers. He is able to act the small instructions given . He holds the crayon/ pencil firmly. He tries to eat himself. He now recognise people and their relationship with us .Idhellam ethanayo perukku saadharana vishayam. But enaku idhellam nadakkadha nu yengirukken. Even now people use to ask me innum sariya pesalaye vayasu 4 aachu nu .. Asmitha la sollala I have surrender my son to mam, she will take care and bring him a  real super hero.Iam short of words to thanks mam for saving his life. Lots of love mam