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Sujatha’s Brother

Here I wish to share my brother’s experience thru flower remedy.Though he was newly married, he had some miserable relationship with his wife n they were about to divorce and his career was also unhappy and so much politics in his office as well. Then he consulted mam at the end of last year around Diwali. Such a miracle happened she called my brother and was ready to start new life with him and celebrated Diwali with our family. And now recently as expected avanukku vera job kedachuduthu with reasonable package. Mam has relieved him from his hurdles and given the confidence to run the life. Mam knows how he was and we all could see the confidence in his conversation and how he is able to face and handle the things. Oru vaarthai la nandri nu solla mudiyathu mam couldn’t find words how to thank you. Evlo miserable aa irundhadha you have smoothen it mam .Thanks to the divine for showing you in all our life. Thanks a lot mam

Love you so much mam

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